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Our First Victory (3rd Place) On Iran FIRA RoboWorldCup Open 2019

In March, the Starkit team took part in the Iran FIRA RoboWorldCup Open 2019 – open robotic competition held in Tehran (Iran). Participated in the Hurocup competition with humanoid robots (HuRo means Hu (manoid) Ro (bot)) according to the rules of the FIRA international league. Team “Starkit” in the overall standings in Hurocup took 3rd place.

Team leader Sergey Semendyaev: “Congratulations to our team and, first of all, Ivan Khokhlov, Ilya Ryakin and Vladimir Litvinenko, with a prize! In fact, this is our first competition, and already a prize! In my opinion, this is a great result, and a great role in this was played by the founder of the Starkit team, Azer Babaev, who took an active part in the preparation of the team”!

Good luck and victories!

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